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Cheapest And Portable Weighing Scale | 200kg Digital Hanging Scale | Top And Cheapest 2 weighing Scales

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Introduction :

In This Post i am going to give you the best and useful product that can help you in any cases so let’s dive into this.

Cheapest And Portable Weighing Scale dealzonex.com

Product Name : Mini Crane Scale 200kg Digital Hanging Scale, Weighing Scale – Hanging Weighing Scale | Electronic Portable Weight Machine for Luggage, Agriculture, Fishing & Scrap (WT-MC200(Orange))

Price : -50% ₹999

Special FeaturePortable
Weight Limit200 Kilograms
Form FactorHandheld
Product Dimensions12L x 6W x 3H Centimeters

Features :

  • Easy to use and carry: Convenient and portable design
  • Compact and sturdy: Suitable for compact and robust use
  • Capacity: Up to 200kg
  • Minimum weight: 200g
  • Accuracy: 50g
  • High strength engineering plastic shell: Durable and strong outer casing
  • Tare and Weight Locking Feature: Allows for taring (zeroing) the scale and locking the weight measurement
  • Multiple units: Can measure weight in kilograms (Kg), pounds (Lb), and newtons (N)
  • Ideal choice for: Home, luggage, scrap, industries, agriculture, and fishing applications
  • Note: Recommended to hang the scale on a hook for accurate weight measurement results
Cheapest And Portable Weighing Scale dealzonex.com

Product Name : Bulfyss Electronic 50Kgs Digital Luggage Weighing Scale (1 Year Warranty) – Black | Bag Weighing Scale for Luggage | Spring Balance | Weight Machine for Luggage

Price : -50% ₹499

Model: YS027

Special FeatureBacklit Display
Weight Limit50 Kilograms
Form FactorHandheld

Features :

  • Sturdy stainless steel handle: Durable handle for easy carrying and weighing
  • Stainless steel metal hook: Designed for heavy weights
  • Backlight: Equipped with backlight for improved visibility in low-light conditions or at night
  • Simple operation: Easy to use with a straightforward interface
  • Small and lightweight: Portable and convenient to carry
  • Weight display modes: Kilograms (Kg), pounds (Lbs), ounces (Oz)
  • Maximum weighing capacity: 50 Kg
  • Minimum weighing capacity: 10 grams
  • High accuracy: Provides correct readings and can weigh objects within the range of 0.01-50 kg.

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